Mystic Managers 

Improve your workplace EQ, employees`physical health and emotional wellbeing. Introduce Mystic Yoga.


Our programs can be conducted in a variety of formats - Regular Yoga sessions, inbound and out bound workshops, lunch hour seminars, & as a part of annual events and on specials days.
Programs can be classified into 4 broad categories.

  1. Corporate Yoga Sessions (Weekly 2 – 3 sessions)

  2. Short Seminars ( 60 – 90 min sessions)

  3. Stress Management Workshops (8 – 16 Hours)

  4. Stress Management Retreats ( 3 – 5 Days, Outbound)

Down Load 


We have conducted workshops and regular sessions for some of the leading organizations in the country – Apollo Hospitals, Capgemini, RBI, VLCC, IXIA, CESC, PWC, RPEG, REBECCA, Unicef, The Max Foundation, Empowerment Associates,  Balaji Solutions, Bharti Axa Life Insurance, ABP, KIWC etc.


Call Abhishek at +91-9748649047 or write to him at to know more about our programs or just submit your email and we will write to you soon.