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Vipassana Meditation Retreat

Vipassana Meditation Retreat


Vipassana Meditation Retreat

September 21-28

Venue: Bodhicharya Meditation Centre (Near Gangtok in Sikkim)

‘When we observe something, we are that thing.’

Breathing can be a means to calming down and gain poise thereby stepping on the threshold of awakening. Maintaining full attention in a careful, prolonged and deep manner can give one insight into the heart of everything and bring one face to face with the concept of liberation.

In the Vipassana Retreat we will endeavor to develop full attention and strive to maintain it by being fully awake, thus enabling the practitioner to see clearly all that exists. The observation methodology that will be shared will shed light on the object of our attention and help us investigate and understand clearly all that exists. As the practitioner practices diligently and perseveres moment by moment he or she will gradually succeed in getting inside the stream of mindfulness. This energy stream is source of great joy, happiness and ultimately brings ease in the body, mind and spirit. Ease being the panacea for all human suffering. To learn and practice the observation meditation one takes a moment by moment approach and every step, every act, every object, every movement, and every tremor of thought will be the foundation stone on which the house of Vipassana is built.


  • Clarity and simplicity in thinking and decision making

  • Greater trust and transparency in relationships

  • Mobilizing the ability to succeed, accomplish and prosper

  • Physical, emotive and digital detoxification

  • De-addiction in the most organic manner plausible

  • Ease in body and mind leading to physical and mental agility

  • Conscious weight loss for those needing and desirous


This Retreat is open to all and no prior knowledge or experience is necessary. The only requisite is that the participant be open and sincere in his/her desire to learn the ancient technique of Vipassana and be willing to follow the simple guidelines of conduct, diet, thought and speech.

 Vipassana Meditation Retreat will commence with an orientation session from 6.30-8 am on Saturday, September 21st and end with an encapsulation from 6.30-8 am on Saturday, September 28th. You should plan to reach any time after 3 pm on September 20th and leave by 11 am on the last day i.e. September 28th. The venue for the Retreat is more than idyllic and apt for this course.  See the attached .pdf file for an intimate account of the Bodhicharya Meditation Centre.

 Under normal circumstances the usage of phone, laptop and internet will be permissible only in between 12.0 noon and 2.0 pm as this is essentially a Silent Retreat. Participants will of course be allowed to ask questions and seek clarifications at the end of each class or seek personal counsel from the Retreat Coaches.

 Simple vegetarian meals will be served at the Bodhicharya Meditation Centre, starting with the evening tea and dinner on September 21st and ending with the breakfast on September 28th.

 Suggested Donation for the Vipassana Meditation Retreat is Rs. 15,000/- and it will include the i. Course fees, ii. Single occupancy accommodation & iii. Vegetarian meals

(Smoking/Drinking/Consumption of non-veg food items is not permitted during the Retreat period)

Sample Daily Schedule

  • 6.15 am - Detox Drink

  • 6.30-8.0 am - Vipassana Meditation - Philosophy and Technique

  • 8.0-8.30 am - Breakfast

  • 9.30-11.0 am - Vipassana Meditation Session

  • 11.30-12.0 noon - Lunch

  • 2.30-4.0 pm - Nature Walk - learning and practicing Walking Meditation

  • 4.30 pm - Tea

  • 5.0-6.30 pm - Mindfulness Yoga Abhyasa and Yoga Nidra

  • 6.30-7.0 pm - Dinner

  • 7.30-8.30 pm - Introductory Buddhist Teachings & Tenets

  • 9.0-10.00 pm - Meditation Journaling and Personal Contemplation

Earlier Event: August 8
Later Event: November 10
Dev Dipawali - Varanasi