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Karma Yoga Retreat - Uttarkashi

Karma Yoga Retreat

Experience the Joy of Selfless Service

March 03 – March 09, 2019, Uttarkashi

Karma Yoga is the path of dedicated work, where we renounce the results of our actions as a spiritual offering rather than working towards a result-oriented goal. The purpose of this retreat is to integrate the Ashtanga Yoga philosophy of Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi in the context of Karma Yoga, in order to expand the benefits of our daily physical yoga practice ( Abhyasa) by understanding the spiritual aspects of yoga (Sadhana).

Experience life in a spiritual community dedicated to service: it can be a transformative and joyous experience for anyone who can contribute to serve others. There will be ample opportunities for self-exploration, self-growth and expansion.

Mystic Yoga - Karma Yoga Retreat

The chosen venue for Mystic Yoga’s Karma Yoga Retreat is Himalayan School of Life, Uttarkashi - an educational home to children of economically humble backgrounds. Located amidst the glory of Himalayan Mountains, the aim of the school is to provide holistic form of education to children where the classroom is not simply in the class but with world around them. They are guided with the principles of wholesome living, which not only provide paths of livelihood but opening them to ways in which they can lead their lives with joy, happiness and values.

Himalayan School of Life

Karma Yoga Retreat is an opportunity to deepen the practice of Seva (volunteer service). It is a week-long residential program that allows full immersion into the community service along with deep practice of yoga and meditation. In addition to that participants will be practicing two hours of silence everyday as a mode to cultivate stillness (Sthiti) of mind. It is a beautiful way to practice awareness, detachment, love and compassion and the profound joy that arises from offering yourself and your actions for benefit of others is long lasting.

Service opportunities include teaching Spoken English and various other elementary subjects, conducting health and hygiene workshops, cleaning and up keep of the school premises, permaculture gardening, offering art and craft workshops etc.

Mystic Yoga - Karma Yoga Retreat

Sample Daily Schedule

  • 6.30-8.30 am - Daily abhyasa of Yoga and Pranayama

  • 8.30-9.00 am - Breakfast in silence

  • 9.00-9.30 am - Scheduling and division of work between participants

  • 9.30-12.30 pm - Karma Yoga

  • 1.00 pm - Lunch

  • 2.00-4.00 pm - Karma Yoga

  • 5.00-7.00 pm - Yoga philosophy study and Meditation

  • 7.30 pm - Dinner

  • 8.00-10.0 pm - Silent hours (free time for self-study/contemplation/meditation)

On the celestial Mahashivratri (04th March - Monday) we will traverse by the Ganges and hopefully take a dip at ghats of Rishikesh

The Karma Yoga Retreat participants will get a joint letter of appreciation from Mystic Yoga Foundation and Himalayan School of Life and a letter of acknowledgment from Bharat Sevak Samaj that is under the aegis of National Development Agency promoted by Government of India.

Mystic Yoga - Yoga Class - Karma Yoga Retreat

Proposed Itinerary

  • 03rd Mar 2019 - Sunday - Take one of the first flights from Kolkata to Delhi around 6 am; road journey to Rishikesh – Halt for night

    04th Mar 2019 - Monday - Road journey to Himalayan School of Life from Rishikesh; starting around 8 am and reaching around 2 pm. Orientation Session 5.0-7.0 pm

    05th – 09th Mar (Tue-Sat) - Karma Yoga Retreat                                    

    10th Mar 2019 - Sunday - Take an early morning flight from Delhi to Kolkata

Retreat Fees:

  • Rs. 21,000/- + 18 % GST = Rs.24780/- (inclusive of classes, meals & dormitory accommodation at Himalayan School of Life, pick up and drop from Delhi Airport)

  • One can also reach directly to Himalayan School of Life on the afternoon of 04th Mar

  • One is free to have their own travel plans post 4 pm on 09th of March

  • Part of the proceeds will go to the Himalayan School of Life as donation.

  • Retreat Fees does not include anything other than what is categorically mentioned as included.

  • Ask for Single occupancy accommodation at a near-by Guest House with us – we will advise


Having read the details if you would like to proceed with your registration please follow these easy steps: 

Step 1: After reading the details if you have queries feel free to call +91-9163365029/9748649047 or write to us at for clarifications.

Step 2: Please fill up the form below.

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Course Discipline

In order to create an environment most conducive for study, reflection, and meditation, everyone attending the course is expected to abide by the following

  • Live on a vegetarian diet during the course

  • Refrain from gossiping or harsh speech.

  • Cultivate clarity of mind and body - refrain from using intoxicants in any form.

  • Sessions attendance: Students are asked to commit to attending all sessions in a timely manner. This will support and enhance the group dynamics, showing respect to the teacher and to fellow participants.

  • Mobile phones and computers: We request course participants to keep the usage to the bare minimum.

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