Dates: 17-23 December, 2016
Venue: Tinchuley, Darjeeling
Contact: M: 91-91633 65029 E:

For those wanting to pause and ponder, how to make Yoga a living reality in their lives, Mystic Yoga is hosting MYSTIC LIVING PROGRAM (MLP), a 50 hour residential course dwelling upon the essence of Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda. 
MLP will be facilitated by Mystic Coaches: Chirashree, Sudhir & Abhishek and to know more about them click here. 

The forthcoming MLP will be conducted near Darjeeling from December 17-23, 2016 and is open for all those who want to transform internally and externally and better relate to their environment (social skills) and their inner self (self-acceptance). At the onset Yoga starts with personality development and gradually proceeds towards spiritual development. Hence MLP is an integral approach towards total personality overhaul: physical and psychological -- and a stepping stone towards healing at the deepest level, dealing with the samskara and energy. 

Though the course will be offered in a group format, but there will be ample scope for personalized solutions, as each individual has unique physical, mental and dietary needs, and we appreciate that. 

In essence MLP is a mystical offering and it will bring about tangible, and we dare say, magical transformation and offer codified solutions to life’s challenges in a step by step manner.

Course Outcome

  • Achieve everyday fitness through Yoga  
  • Enhanced calmness through Meditation 
  • Detoxification & Ayurvedic Nutrition 
  • Clarity of thought & purpose
  • Insightful understanding
  • Experience of divinity within you
  • Managing life style diseases
  • Magic mantra of exponential success

About Tinchuley

Tinchuley, a cozy Himalayan hamlet, located at an altitude of 5800 feet near Darjeeling has got a naturally healing and restful weather. The flora and fauna, the mountain air, facilitate spontaneous absorption in silence and stillness, making it a natural choice for hosting the Mystic Living Program (MLP). It is about 3 hours pleasant drive from Siliguri and an hour’s drive away from Darjeeling town via meandering forest, orchards and tea gardens. The simplicity and warmth of this village, our hosts at the Retreat House, and the ethereal chant coming from the quaint monastery early on in the morning gives an easy-relaxed feel. In such a setting, the process of internalization of the core tenets of Yoga Marga can become a moment by moment initiative, while waking and even while sleeping.  The weather does not get too cold even during the winters, though woolens will be a must.

MLP FEES        

  1. Regular Plan : Rs. 24,500.00 + S. Tax 
  2. Early Bird offer : Rs. 21,500.00 + S. Tax (Last date to avail early bird offer : 30th Sep, 2016)      Sign up by paying non refundable fees of Rs. 6,500.00 on or before 30th September, 2016; remaining amount of Rs. 15000.00 may be paid any time before the commencement of the program.     

MLP Fees is inclusive of twin sharing accommodation for 6 nights at Gurung Guest House, 3 vegetarian meals per day (Dec 17th Lunch to Dec 23rd Breakfast), half-day vacation to Darjeeling, half day hiking trip, all classes, course material and certificate of participation. 
One can plan to arrive at the venue, anytime on December 17th afternoon and you should plan to check out by 11.30 am on December 23rd forenoon. You may plan to reach the venue directly or choose to join a group from Kolkata itself.  Those desiring to travel in a group from Kolkata itself will have to bear the cost of travel as-per-actuals. For travel related guidelines or actual assistance with bookings you may contact us and we will be happy to assist and help as needed. Mountain bike for leisure, mineral water, extra refreshment etc. available at reasonable rates at the Guest House.

Dormitory Accommodation : If you are on a tight budget, looking for discounted pricing, ask for dormitory style accommodation option (Four bedded room).
Single Room : Single room may be opted (if available), at additional cost
How to Reach
Siliguri is the nearest city to Tinchuley that is well connected by Air, Rail and Road from Kolkata as well as Delhi. Bagdogra is the airport and NJP is the nearest railway station. There are numerous options available to suit individual interest and budget. From Siliguri shuttle and reserved taxis both are available and it is a pleasant 3 hours road journey.
Travel Assistance
If you need any assistance with planning your travel or ticket reservation, renting a car, or if you may want to join a group travelling from Kolkata on-cost basis, feel free to contact us at
The vegetarian meals made from locally grown ingredients and served with love and care makes each group meal a therapeutic experience. One of the objectives of the program would be to imbibe the Ayurvedic dietary principles and detox to achieve a sense of lightness and wellbeing. Hence most of the meals will be attuned to the aforesaid objective. 
Mystic Living Program is a full-time residential course;  food served will be vegetarian and smoking/drinking is prohibited during this period.