Mystic Meditation - short courses

Learn how to unravel the conundrum of life and connect to your self. If you are puzzled by life’s dilemma, it is time to surrender and start a silent investigation.
Mystic Yoga brings to busy city dwellers short Meditation Courses, where you learn to calm down and focus; the parched heart and mind will be tempted to dive deep into the tranquil lake of latent divinity within you.


Learn the technique of Vipassana - a simple, practical way to achieve real peace of mind and to lead a happy, more content life. 

Total Course Duration: 3 hour
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The course is designed to help you learn the technique and practice on your own. 
Make this practice part of your life and not a one-time activity. Also one can participate in the review sessions held every month. 


Raja Yoga helps you achieve control over your mind and emotions. Careful supervision of the mind
helps you take charge of your condition. 

Total Course Duration: 3 hour

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This course teaches you to put Raja Yoga into practice - this can transform your body, mind & 
change the way you perceive difficult circumstances. Raja Yoga is a complete approach to handling all your lifestyle related issues.  

Compassion Meditation  (Om Mani Padme Hum)

The meditation of compassion or "Karuṇā" is all about opening up the heart and mind to be more compassionate to others and ourselves as well. The mantra for this meditation is“Om Mani Padme Hum” , an ancient Sanskrit chant invoking the quality of compassion. The goal is to cultivate kindness, understanding and empathy towards ourselves and others.

Total Course Duration: 3 hour

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Medicine Buddha Practice

Through the practice of the Medicine Buddha, we not only achieve benefit for ourselves, but we are actually cultivating the potential to benefit others. The powerful mantra of Medicine Buddha is useful for purification of body and mind. Practice of this mantra is meant to  bless the environment and all the beings in the environment.

Total Course Duration: 3 hour

For Upcoming events please contact 9163365029


Course Format

The short meditation courses offered at Mystic Yoga – Kolkata will give you enough theoretical and practical know how that you may practice and benefit from the same for the rest of your life.
The course will be offered on specified Sundays, 4-7.30 pm at Mystic Yoga, 13 Lake Avenue. Registration needs to be done minimum 2 days in advance.

No prior experience or knowledge of the science of meditation is required; all that is expected is sincerity of purpose and spirit-of-the-quest.
The course is open for all above the age of 16; those under the care of a psychiatrist are recommended to take their doctor’s permission before joining any meditation program.

Mystic Coaches
Sudhir, Chirashree, and Abhishek will be the three facilitators and share the traditional precepts in a humble, pragmatic and unadulterated manner. They will, of course, be there for you during the course and will also be available for review and dialogue later on in an informal and formal setting.


To know more about the course content and program fee please contact : / 91-91633 65029