The 5-minute Wisdom


The 5-minute Wisdom

Sudhir M

In some of the bigger cities like Beijing new age ‘Anger Rooms’ are coming up where one can pay to smash glass bottles and other domestic use items to vent their frustration and anger. In New York and some other Western countries people are so sleep starved with crazy schedule and crazier life style that there is a bizarre need for mid-day napping facilities and napping-clubs are coming up where people can pay $10 and buy 30 minutes of nap time in between work.

It is not so important if we are interested in meditation per se but what is of significance is that the complexity and demands of the modern life is wearing us out and we desperately need to be more at ease, to be more at peace and our deepest cravings may include a silent night – a restful night – where the thoughts have at least somewhat gone to rest…


Let us start our tryst with meditation by simply slowing down and stealing five minutes from our morning chores to enjoy and appreciate the early morning sun caressing our face and skin. The mild sun caressing the skin can be absorbed with a modicum of our awareness and energise our mornings and boost the immune system. The warmth of the sun is an antidote for melancholia and has the potential to stealthily steal the depressive energy and make us contented and happy. It is not only the plants that seek sunlight; life itself is not possible without the grace of the same. Should it then surprise us that an aspiring Yogi practices Suryanamaskar with such dedication, precision and regularity?


Unless it is a super busy morning consider discovering the tea wisdom sitting in your office chair in between emails and phone calls. For these 5 minutes log off mentally from the work mode and the ensuing gratification it brings and rather try and get in the simple, humble, appreciative mode where you relish the flavour, the warmth, the fragrance of a joyous cup of tea. We do not stop at relishing this magical potion but also question how this tea was planted, grown, sourced and processed. It is the effort of so many individuals apart from the blessings of mother earth that we are able to bask and soak in this moment and also gather nuggets of wisdom.


As we discuss calming down – appreciating the little joys of life and practicing awareness, we can be tempted to look down upon the technological marvels and the instant messaging age. Since technology and communication is here to stay and we cannot survive without the same, let us see how to mindfully engage with the same. With the ubiquitous messages and notifications that we receive on our smartphones it does happen that we either ignore a sensitive matter or not fully understand the subtlety of a situation and create an uproar in a group or relationship that could have been totally avoided. Setting aside 5 minutes every afternoon to carefully read the messages from those dearest to you can enable you to reply them with empathy and concentration. This will add a sense of poise and sobriety in your relationships and you could save on the precious time that is often spent on damage control after replying in haste. 


Late evening devote 5 minutes listening to devotional music or a philosophical discourse as may be your natural attraction while returning home. We are most likely engaging with our smart phones and car radio for entertainment and news update - so why not we use the same for daily inspiration in a systematic manner. If we get dis-engaged from devotion or inspiration it is difficult to bring it back in our lives in a trice. Hence a conscious habit of engaging for 5 minutes can ignite the dormant attraction in us for investigating the nature of our mind and consciousness in general. Daily dosage can go a long way in starting and nurturing the process of inner transformation and boost our happiness quotient.


Inspiration and Wisdom can all be tested quite easily if we are lacking in efficiency and effectiveness. To keep our mind uncluttered we should pause to reflect on the day that has been and have a plan of action for the following day. These 5 minutes of introspection and planning can boost our output and productivity. I often feel that basic calmness, clarity and peace is in direct proportion to our work ethics, time management and disciplined execution of any matter in a time bound manner. If we reflect or plan too much it can sometimes be counterproductive and hence on a day-to-day basis 5 minutes of reflection can get you started on the path of becoming a Mystic Manager.