Yoga after Holidays

Yoga after Holidays

It’s very rejuvenating when you have 3-4 days of holiday and most of the time you want to spend the time by enjoying with your family and friends. Work-related worries are also minimal, food is good, everyone is happy, its festivities all around. But like all good things, these festivities also get over. Work catches up and so does our bodies need to exercise. Sharing a few pointers as to how to resume your yoga practice after one has given a break.

Detox and Practice

Immediately after the holidays are over get into a balanced detox diet. A change in diet engages your mind and process of disciplining the body starts again. Excess spices, oil, and white flour clogs the system and hinder energy flow in the body. This results in lethargy and stiffness – resulting in reduced or improper yoga practice. Clean the stomach with proper cleansing ingredients, engage the mind and you become the master of your body again.

Short, simple and regular

While we go on a detox diet that is difficult to adhere just after the holiday period, we must get into a practice which is a little easier than our regular capacity. Give your body 3 to 7 sessions before resuming with full force. Muscles and mind all should be in complete coherence to avoid any injury. 

Find inspiration or a friend

If you were lucky enough to have a friend with whom you practice; make plans together to overcome inertia. It’s much easier to restart if you have someone who is as motivated as you. If your practice is just about you, then bring out that diary where you have jotted your health goals, pick up books, magazine or watch videos that inspire you and get back to your practice without giving yourself much of an option. Yoga practice should be an essential activity, not an optional one.

A rested body and a refreshed mind are the most significant gains from a holiday period. We must not squander away the energy acquired due to change in routine, adequate sleep and positive emotions; we must try our best to use it and build a deeper connection with yoga so that a break in your practice does not bother you. Yoga practice should be part of our lifestyle.