Be your own nutritionist – Step 1

Be your own nutritionist – Step 1

by Abhishek

Diet plans can be overwhelming; putting yourself through a regime of omitting things that you love and have grown up with is very difficult. Our mind revolts, and sooner than you can say “DIET” we are back to our old patterns of eating. To brake, the power of habit one needs wisdom or knowledge. Willpower alone can take us so far, forcing ourselves into a controlled mode of eating will last for a very short while. However, our journey to eat rightly can start by a very simple, yet powerful step. Start eating consciously. Even before you change your diet, become aware of what you consume, and how it affects you.

Ask what is the value of the food being consumed; the answer need not be concerning calories or nutritional content alone. So, if you are about to have a bowl of ice cream ask yourself what exactly it will do for you. The answer probably will be it will make you happy because of the flavours, texture and the sweetness. So be it. Make a note of it.

Then if you are consuming a random packet of biscuit ask what value does it add to you? Not much, how good can a pack of biscuit be. I understand if it’s a cookie you are enjoying with your coffee, but a random packet of biscuits probably has not much value in taste, and of course, it's nutritionally empty. Make a note of this as well. You will feel better about yourself when you start omitting things that don’t add value either in taste nor in nutrition.

The first step in your journey to eating better should be to eat mindfully. Be aware of what you are consuming - all day.

Mindful eating can start with the simple question what value the food adds; once you start with this naturally, you may want to ask a few more questions.

Take your mind to the next big question – was I hungry when I eat? The answer should be an honest yes or a no. If you find yourself eating more often when you are not hungry, it’s time to change the pattern of eating. A heavy lunch demands the evening snack be skipped. If we do skip – great; if we don’t then that can be a cause of significant heartburn.

Lastly, ask yourself how you felt after eating whatever you eat. Heavy, light, energetic, sleepy, acidic, bloated, agile, alert – answer could be any. Make a note.

These three questions once answered throughout a few weeks will enable you to make informed choices, when to eat, how much to eat and what to avoid. Asking these simple questions can help you start your transformation; make you, your own nutritionist.