Ceaseless striving, mad running, abundance of chaos, makes me weary and anxious; O magic wand of meditation, steal away my anxiety and soothe my nerves. I let go of all restless tumult and abide in the inner cave of tranquil meditation.

Sit comfortably and in silence. Rules are few since this meditation is essentially about the cultivation of ease and poise.

Sitting comfortably and in silence - nurture the spirit of calmness in your body and mind. Create an expansive space within your heart and this space is being blessed with the fragrance of peace and joy.

As you begin to ease into the tranquil meditative posture, remember to consciously sit upright with your chest open and shoulder blades drawn together - all the while breathing normally.

Make a conscientious effort to settle into the meditative groove:

  1. By becoming aware of your meditation seat, and also getting established in your meditation seat;

  2. By becoming aware of your own body, and igniting the lamp of mindfulness in each and every cell of your body;

  3. By becoming conscious of your posture, and mentally reviewing how you are sitting and where you are sitting and making subtle adjustments to get further ensconced into the spirit and practice of meditation;

  4. By becoming conscious of your expressions, and cheering up the heart, loosening the facial muscles and also refreshing the fingers and the toes

  5. Breathe easy, breathe…., breathe naturally …… breathe …., mindful breathing - happy breathing …. mindful moment - happy moment …

Sitting in silence, sitting in awareness, remain ensconced in the warmth of your own body, in the warmth of your own breath. Body-breath awareness… body-breath awareness … smiling-breathing, with your mind in intimate contact or awareness of your body as well as breath…

Let this be your initiation into the Calm Abiding meditation. Sit in this state totally absorbed and experiencing the unity of your i. body, ii. breath and iii. awareness, for as long as you wish, for as long as you can remain awake and alert. Continue to meditate in silence, abiding in calmness and tranquillity, for next 5 minutes or so…

Gradually open your eyes move your fingers and toes and smile. Carry this peace and serenity into all your activities as well. Operate from your secret inner chamber of calmness.