Personal Coaching

If practicing in a group is not your thing and you want to you own space and time when you practice, opt for our personal coaching sessions.

Should I go for a personal class?
Below are some possible reasons you may want to go for a personal class.

  • If group class timings don’t suit you.
  • If you have acute knee, back or other joint related issues.
  • If you have any medical condition that needs special attention.
  • I only want to learn meditation
  • If you are more than 25kg over weight.
  • I want my classes to be a mix of yoga and meditation.
  • I need counseling and mentoring.
  • Need to get above average fitness.
  • I am too shy for the group class.
  • Group classes are too strenuous I need to practice and learn to reach that level.

Call Abhishek at +91-9748649047 or write to him at to know more about our personal classes.